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2021. Tinsel and bauble

(This is not per se a return to a daily posting but the stories stopped at Number 2020 and that was last year! So here’s a single story to bring the numbering up to date!)

Christabelle had the most beautiful (and expensive) Christmas decorations. Really, if the neighbours had seen them they would have been embarrassed by their own tree.

Two of the decorations were particularly splendid. Their names were Tinsel and Bauble. It so happened that they both ended up on the same branch of the tree.

“Oh! What a magnificent decoration!” declared Christabelle’s friend, Tawnya, when she visited.

There was still two weeks to go before Christmas, and both splendid decorations claimed that Tawnya was referring to them.

“I’m the most beautiful!” exclaimed Tinsel.

“I’m the most beautiful!” exclaimed Bauble. “Tawnya was enamoured by my beauty not yours.”

This went on for weeks. Christmas was over. New Year’s Day came and went. Tinsel and Bauble detested each other. Hate would not be too strong a word.

When Christabelle put the decorations away, Tinsel and Bauble happened to be placed next to each other in the same box.

It was going to be a long year.

804. Christmas decoration


Eva had three daughters and a son. Their names were Jill, Lyn, Rosemary, and Phil. Each had a special Christmas decoration with their name on it. Each year they hung it on the Christmas tree. Eva had made each decoration herself on each child’s first Christmas.

And now the family had all grown up and the three daughters were married with children of their own. Eva made a special Christmas tree decoration for every grandchild.

But tragedy struck. Phil, her only son, was killed in a war. Christmas came. Eva didn’t know what to do with his Christmas decoration. It’s not that she didn’t want him remembered; she simply didn’t want to make Christmas sad for her three daughters and their children when they called on Christmas Eve. Eva left Phil’s Christmas decoration in the cupboard.

Jill arrived. “Where’s Phil’s decoration?” she asked upon seeing the tree.

Lyn arrived. “Where’s Phil’s decoration?” she asked upon seeing the tree.

Rosemary arrived. “Where’s Phil’s decoration?” she asked upon seeing the tree.

Mother and three daughters hung the decoration in pride of place, and all had a little weep.

Every year since, it’s always been the last decoration to be hung. Always on Christmas Eve. And always accompanied by a little weep.

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