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1716. Marion hits the jackpot

Within a week, Marion knew she had married the wrong man.

Both had been married before, and Marion blamed herself for not learning a lesson the first time round. It had been love at first sight. It had been an overwhelming passion. It had been an all-embracing two weeks of unbounded appetite. Then came the engagement ring. Then came the wedding. And now, just one week later, Marion knew that Howard was not the one.

Howard bred cockatiels. How could Marion stay married for life to a man who thought that a pair of cockatiels was a cockatoo? Besides, Rowan, Howard’s best friend, was singularly attractive (Marion thought).

Rowan was so funny! So amusing! So quaint! He thought a zucchini and a courgette were two different things! Such mirth can be instantly attractive!

Music 25: Zucchinis


The zucchini or courgette! Plant one in the garden and you’ll have them growing out your ears!

Zucchini bread, zucchini soup, zucchini on the BBQ, zucchini in salads…

At the end of each summer, you’ll never want to see another zucchini in your life!

As an afterthought: there’s no way a photograph of a zucchini can appear polite.