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Music 401: Little Red Riding Hood

Here is a piece of Dance Theatre – possibly for Christmas but not necessarily. It has 19 dances that tell the (fairly) traditional story of Little Red Riding Hood. In all probability it will never get done as these days the plot is regarded by some as sexist. However I present it in the hope that it might get performed in a less enlightened age.

The work has elements that rile many a purist. For example, there are bits of Ballet, bits of Contemporary Dance, bits of Ballroom Dance, bits of Folk Dance, and bits of Pantomime.

At present the music score is for piano only. I thought initially I would orchestrate it, but it is time consuming for something that may never be performed. So if anyone wants it orchestrated they can ask me or do it themselves! My music composing software is so old and the notation so small by the time I put all the instruments of an orchestra on a page that I can’t see it any more!

This posting is simply a link to a separate webpage that gives the plot, and audios and sheet music of the 19 dances. I’m not expecting people to listen to all 19! A performance would take about 3/4s of an hour.

Thanks! Here is the link: HERE!