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1399. Seasonal felicity

Felicity’s name was felicitous. She was so full of the joy of life, always smiling, always happy, and eager to spread that elation to others. She cared about people too, especially those not as fortunate as herself.

It was no surprise when she was elected to parliament by a majority so huge that people joked that it must have been arranged by angels!

One of the things Felicity wanted to achieve was to make sure that no one went cold in the winter. “No one should have to suffer the cold during the harsh winter season,” she said, as she introduced a bill into parliament. And it got through! It passed! No one would feel cold during the winter season because they changed the official winter months to the hottest time of the year.

How felicitous is that?

1099. The elephant

There was this small, pink elephant in the middle of the road.

A man came along on a bright blue motorbike and said, “Get off the road, you stupid fat pig.”

“I’m not a pig,” said the elephant, and picked up the motorbike with its trunk and smashed it on the ground. It broke into a thousand pieces. They forgave each other, so the man got on the elephant and they trotted off together.

As you can see, it pays to be sensible.