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1629. Drop dead gorgeous

Savannah and her three sisters were dead keen on fashion. They presumed, of course, that that’s why they were invited to a Retro Festival. Those of us born a few years before Savannah and her three sisters don’t really regard relatively recent days as being Retro. But Retro the invitation over the phone said, and Retro it was going to be.

Savannah and her three sisters were way ahead of their time. They had come out of the closet very early in the nineteen eighties. All four of them. They had endured ridicule and distain. These days life was easier for the sisters and their partners. No longer were they abused and scorned, but accepted for who they were. When Savannah took the phone call inviting her and her sisters to the Retro Festival it seemed to Savannah, for she’d always had trouble with the issue, that they were at last part of the day-to-day ordinary fabric of society.

All this is part of the reason why they went to so much trouble, and expense, to do the best by the invitation that they possibly could.

Of course, a phone call is a phone call. Sometimes things can get muffled, and muffled they got. Needless to say, they didn’t stay particularly long at the Hetero Festival.

596. Out

© Bruce Goodman 29 May 2015


Vince didn’t know how to tell his parents he was gay. He was seventeen. He needed to be free. Yet he invited Kathleen from his class to the school dance. Then he invited her to the movies.

His parents were delighted. They really liked Kathleen.

Two years passed. Then Vince and Kathleen broke up. Vince blurted out to his parents that he was gay.

“We know, dear,” said Vince’s mother. “Just don’t parade your sexual preferences around like a veteran’s insignia. We heterosexuals don’t. Just be who you are and get on with it.”

Vince burst into tears.

“Yeah, that’s what we’d expect from a bloody namby-pamby limp-wristed powder-puff,” said his Dad.