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2628. Laundry shelf saga

What a hoo-hah on the laundry shelf. The almost empty container of Ocean Splash Toilet Duck had been taken away by the Mistress of the House and HAS NOT RETURNED. It has been several hours.

“Ocean Splash Toilet Duck knew she was getting near the end,” said Micro Particles Cream Cleaner. “She said she had given everything she had and was on her last legs. I fear she has been thrown into the trash.”

“Oh that’s terrible,” said powerful and poisonous Drain Clean Liquid. “And what a sad life she has had, forever having to stick her head into a toilet and be given a squeeze. My job isn’t much better but at least I get a bit of variety.”

“I think it’s disgusting,” said highly flammable Silvo Silver Polish. “Constantly sticking ones head into a toilet shows no class whatsoever. Now I polish nothing but expensive silver and have a very satisfying life. In fact I’ve been here for ten years and only been used once.”

“Some of us have very little to look forward to,” said Bag of Kitty Litter. “I feel for Ocean Splash Toilet Duck. And she was such reassuring company especially when ones future doesn’t bode well.”

“Quite frankly I don’t know what the fuss is about,” said Oxi-Actioned Amazing Stain Remover. “I just do my job and get on with it.”

But who is this approaching the laundry shelf? Why! It’s the Mistress of the House!

 “Look what she brought in!” screamed Micro Particles Cream Cleaner. “It’s another container of Toilet Duck!”

“It’s not Ocean Splash Toilet Duck. It’s Forest Pine Toilet Duck. How disappointing,” said Drain Clean Liquid. “You do realize that you’ll have to stick your head into a toilet?”

Micro Particles Cream Cleaner sighed. It was a sigh of contentment. “I don’t care what tasks Forest Pine Toilet Duck has to perform. I feel that we on the shelf are once again complete.”