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516. Bike to the bus


Herbert disliked going to school. He was all of nine. He had to bike two miles to catch the school bus. Then after school, he’d get off the bus and bike the two miles home.

He used to hide his bike in the bushes on the side of the road and hitch-hike to the bus. He never had any trouble getting a ride, either to or from the bus stop.

He never had any trouble, never ever, until one day…

…the bus driver said in court a few months later that Herbert never got on the school bus that day.

169. Small world


Miles and Nora had taken their two little girls to Disneyland. They’d saved and saved, and at last they were at the gates! They had travelled by car from Boise.

Seven year old Katlyn got to shake hands with a real Fairy Princess. How exciting is that? And four year old Robyn-May so liked riding through the tunnels of It’s a Small World that they had to go through three times to see all the dolls! Three times!!!

It’s a small world after all,
It’s a small world after all,
It’s a small world after all,
It’s a small, small world!

Where’s Katlyn? Has anyone seen Katlyn? Katie! Katie! Where’s Katie? We’ve lost Katlyn in the crowd!

A lovely woman saw Nora’s distress. What’s wrong? she caringly asked.

It’s our daughter, Katlyn. We’ve lost her somewhere. She’ll be crying. I’m desperate.

Let me look after the other little one, while you look for the lost one, said the generous woman. We’ll wait here.

Off the parents went in search.

Shall we go and buy an ice cream? said the lovely lady to Robyn-May. Your sister’s got an ice cream already, and is waiting in my car.

164. Airport departure


Geraldo was at the airport. He’d flown in from Charlotte, NC, and landed in Miami, FL. He was to catch the plane to Tegucigalpa, Honduras, to his grandmother’s. They had announced boarding:

Passengers to Tegucigalpa are now boarding at Gate 27.

Geraldo couldn’t find Gate 27. He asked one lady who looked at him like he was from outer space, and replied in Spanish. He was too scared to ask anyone else. His Spanish was no good. He would have to learn Spanish in Tegucigalpa though. His parents had been killed in a car crash in the Carolinas and he was to live with his Gran in Honduras.

Passengers boarding at Gate 27 are reminded that the gate is now closed.

Geraldo sat down and cried.

A nice couple came up and asked him what was wrong. Could they help? They were lovely. They were kind. Geraldo explained what had happened. They would help him, they said. He hasn’t been seen since.