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2396. Rattling door in wind

There’s little nicer than being tucked up in a warm bed on an early breezy morning. Rona had been woken about six o’clock by the wind tap-tapping the door into her garage. Usually she would jam a folded piece of paper towel in the door and it would stop the constant wind-caused rat-tat-tat-tat.  This morning however, it was too warm and cosy. She would put up with a little noise and doze in the comforting bed.

A little time passed and Rona thought really she should get up; but just a few more minutes. It was one of the advantages on a Saturday morning of living alone. She enjoyed her own company. Over the years she had travelled and collected some lovely things – memories to last a life time. Her collected things might seem like trifles but they were precious to her.

Oh but really! She should get out of bed and into the shower. So she did! After that it was breakfast.

The living room, kitchen, and dining room had been stripped bare by burglars. There had been no wind-caused rat-tat-tat.