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1433. Terrified silly

Ms Hamilton taught the nine-year olds. She was a bit old-fashioned. For example, she sometimes made the class learn a poem off by heart.

She would make the whole class recite the memorized poem altogether, in class. And then sometimes, she would ask a pupil to recite the poem solo.

On this particular day the nine-year old boys were terrified silly. What if Ms Hamilton asked one of them to recite the poem solo? The last line was “And let a tree sigh with her bosom over me.”

Not a single boy wanted to say the word “bosom” out loud in class.

1360. An ecological suggestion

Dear Editor

So there you have it! The first presidency of a woman as president has been completed. And what a marvellous “reign” it was!

There’s quite a groundswell to place her physiognomy on Mt Rushmore along with the other greats. And deservedly so!

I have a few misgivings, however. The shape of the terrain on the side of the mountain invites the carving (as well as a face) of voluptuous breasts. The just-finished president was flat chested. I really think we should wait to have a more buxom female president before rushing to carve further on Mt Rushmore. In this way we can preserve more of the landscape without desecrating Nature even further. I don’t want to be thought of as riding on the ecological bandwagon, but a full-figured presidential bosom might be the answer to one of the major modern-day concerns we liberal-minded progressives have.

Yours sincerely
(Name withheld – Editor)