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Poem 38: New Zealand springtime

(The poetic form selected for this month is the Standard Habbie aka Burns Stanza. This is the last habbie for this month).

Spring has almost sprung Down Under,
Then summer will rip spring asunder.
But first the cuckoo ‘cross the tundra
Sings a lot.
Our cuckoos whistle! What a blunder!
I quite forgot.

Then let us think of little lambs
Cavorting round with new-born charms.
All hardened hearts are then disarmed.
What a clot!
They’re born in winter on the farms.
I quite forgot.

Let’s call to mind the blossom trees!
Their beauty brings us to our knees!
Pinks and whites in gentle breeze.
I’ve gone to pot!
The florets burst in frosty freeze.
I quite forgot.

Springtime comes all to and fro,
The ducklings hatched a month ago,
Mountains may still get some snow.
It’s ordered not!
The spring’s a messy dance you know.
I quite forgot.

To hear the poem read aloud click HERE.

808. Flowering Cherry Lane


Cain and Elliott bought a house together on a little no-exit road. The road was lined with flowering cherries, and was called Flowering Cherry Lane. Cain and Elliott called their new home Blossom Cottage. In Spring the road was a picture.

There were only three houses on the road. It was practically deserted. About two cars a day, from the homes, used the road. The cherry trees growing along the verge of the road, apart from providing beauty, gave Blossom Cottage a great deal of privacy.

But – oh! my goodness! – how dangerous! Someone had written to the newspaper and complained. They had gone for a walk and happened upon Flowering Cherry Lane. There was no foot-path! No pavement! No sidewalk! How dangerous is that? They had to walk along the side of the road.

The serious issue was solved. The Town Council had the cherry trees chopped down. A digger uprooted the unsightly stumps. A footpath was created.

Thank goodness common sense and safety prevailed over… over…

…prevailed over… over…


Flowering Cherry Lane! Such a pretty name for such a dull, no-exit street.

To listen to the story being read click HERE!


Music 8: Cherry blossom


This was where I lived a few years ago. It was two stories, and the flowering cherries that surrounded the house were spectacular. It was like living in a tree house with gorgeous pinks and whites out every door and window.

But let’s face it: cherry blossom is a mess! Not just on the ground, but on the branches. It’s nature at it’s most spendthrift!

In this music I didn’t so much try to capture the beauty of the flowers, but their mess; layer upon layer of extravagance! A pink and white snow storm of petals.

Listen to the music HERE.