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2575. Blind date

Julia was both nervous and excited. She was off on a blind date. It had been arranged by an apparently reliable dating agency online. They were to meet outside the movie theatre. She vaguely knew what he looked like: a description rather than a photo. Cautionary confidence was one of the mottos of the agency.

She had taken ages preparing. Everything was to be perfect. Who knows? This could be it. As she drove along she felt the contact lens in her right eye get dislodged. It wasn’t a contact lens for seeing; it was to colour her eyes a deep blue. Normally her eyes were a boring grey, but these blue contact lenses really brought her face to light. She had makeup and hair colouring to match. Everything was perfectly co-ordinated. The deep blue eyes looked spectacular against her pitch black hair. If she couldn’t find her dislodged contact, then she couldn’t appear on the date with one blue eye and one grey eye. She would walk straight into the theatre without looking, go to the restroom, and remove the remaining contact. It was better than a double-coloured visage. She would then exit the theatre and seek out her date.

Meantime, Alexander was driving to the theatre. He too was both nervous and excited. It wasn’t often he’d get a weekend that was free like this one. He knew he wouldn’t need to be home until early Monday morning if the occasion demanded it. Let’s hope the movie and date were everything the dating agency had promised.

He found a park fairly close to the theatre, got out, and began the short stroll to the theatre. He couldn’t believe it. This was meant to be his lucky day and he couldn’t get his wedding ring off.

1560. Blind date

Hayley didn’t think it at all funny. Her best friend, Jocelyn, at her high school had set her up with a blind date. Hayley didn’t have anyone to go with to Meghan’s birthday party so Jocelyn arranged for Hayley to go with Samson who went to a private school.

When Hayley saw Samson she was thunderstruck. Jocelyn hadn’t told her that Samson walked with crutches. Apart from hobbling along he was fairly good looking, but Hayley’s face was a giveaway; she was shocked. In the meantime, Jocelyn screamed with laughter. She thought it the funniest thing since… since… since sliced bread.

“You never told me he was a spastic,” said Hayley. She said that to Jocelyn right in front of Samson’s face, like he wasn’t there; like she didn’t care that he used crutches and that he was worthless and stuff.

Samson was used to it. Dozens of people every day would throw him on the trash heap because he couldn’t walk properly. It hurt his feelings but every insult made him even more determined to succeed in life.

“I’m not going to the birthday party,” said Hayley. And she didn’t. “Who wants to go to Meghan’s birthday party with a paroxysmal yob?”

That was years ago. Samson went to the birthday party with Chrissie from down the road, and they eventually got married and had a heap of kids. And when they grew old Samson and Chrissie had a pile of grand and great grandchildren.

In the meantime, Hayley was still looking for Mr. Right to take her to… to anywhere.