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696. Virgil’s booze money


Most of Virgil’s friends were having a hard time in their first year at university. It wasn’t the tuition fees that were difficult; parents looked after that side of things in the main, and they had readied themselves for such expenses for years. And it wasn’t the cost of text books for each paper studied that was the great hardship. Parents had planned for that aspect as well.

What really got Virgil’s friends was the cost of booze. They were young only once, and the price of weekend partying was pretty crippling. And yet Virgil managed. He always seemed to have spare cash for partying on Saturday nights. His parents were not that well off. Virgil’s friends asked him his secret, but he wouldn’t tell. Surely he wasn’t a thief.

What Virgil had discovered was that, once he was in the system, a few minutes at the sperm bank a couple of times a week to make a deposit was all it took. Getting booze money was a pleasure.

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