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2513.  Fly me to the moon

Eva had always wanted to be an astronaut. And why not? You have to have your dreams, said Eva’s mother. Reach for the stars. You never know where dreams will take you.

And so she did! Eva reached for the stars. She went to Astronaut School and passed with flying colours. There she met fellow astronaut, Caleb. They fell in love, got married, had four kids, and now have eleven grandkids.

You never know where dreams will take you, Eva’s mother had said.

2379. Sandy landing

It could be regarded as the discovery of the century. Nay! The discovery of the ages! The lunar craft had landed on the moon simply to collect a few rocks, take a sand sample or two, and then toddle off home back to Earth. It wasn’t to be.

The landing site had been chosen not exactly at random, but nonetheless in a place relatively flat and unrocky – more sandy – in case the craft missed its landing mark by a fair stretch and it could still settle comfortably on a flat surface. But WOW! Within several hundred yards of where they landed were footprints. Had humans been there before? No! And besides, they were not human footprints. There were dozens of prints going in all directions. Aliens! There could be no doubt.

With the lack of wind and the slow cosmic change wrought by the elements (or lack of them) the footprints could be recent or old. There was no telling. The astronauts searched around for other telling signs. There was nothing to be found, not even a flattening where a space craft may have landed.

The mystery of the footprints remained a mystery, that is, until Professor Urs Hândénblött cottoned onto a scientific explanation. The footprints were from an early attempt of the cow to jump over the moon. The cow had stumbled at its first attempt. There should be some bones about.

A further landing yielded no skeleton, although they did find an ancient dish and an old spoon.