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Music 418-24: In the Mode

For piano

Most will be familiar (at least in name) with Major and Minor Scales. But there are lots of other scales besides those. Some are called Modes, but are basically the same thing as a scale. Modal Music was the music of the Ancient Greeks and of the Early Church.

Here are seven pieces for piano each based on a different mode. The pieces are named after the names of each mode used.

The fourth piece here – called after the Locrian Mode – is one that some advise never to use as it’s very dissonant. I couldn’t resist, but “cheated” a tiny bit by adding a few non-modal notes!

1. Dorian: The audio HERE, and the sheet music HERE.
2. Ionian: The audio HERE, and the sheet music HERE.
3. Lydian: The audio HERE, and the sheet music HERE.
4. Locrian: The audio HERE, and the sheet music HERE.
5. Mixolydian: The audio HERE, and the sheet music HERE.
6. Aeolian: The audio HERE, and the sheet music HERE.
7. Phrygian The audio HERE, and the sheet music HERE.

2098. An interview with Silenus

Interviewer: What a thrill! I have the opportunity to interview Silenus. Silenus is an old drunkard who taught Dionysus how to party. Dionysus is the Ancient Greek God of Wine. Silenus himself is the God of Dance, the God of the Wine Press, and the God of Drunkenness.

Good evening, Silenus. Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed.

Silenus: My pleashure. It’s not often I can afford to take time out from dwinking to indulge in a bit of interfornification, if that’s what ya call it. I had to shneak away from Dionysus to do thish interview. Last time I shneaked away he changed this guy’s ears into donkey’s ears. At leasht that’s what I remember. Dwink? It’s not just wine I’m the god of but other shtuff as well like whishkey and vodka. Shherry. When I go to the dwink shhop I always look at the label not to see what type of booze it is but to check on the alcoholic percentage. That’s why I’m not fond of beer. Ya have to dwink a lot of beer to get dwunk and then I end up pisshing in my pants half the night. Not that I wear pantsh as ya can see. So how ya doing?

Interviewer: I’m fine thanks. And I was wondering if…

Silenus: One of the things people don’t know is that mosht of the gods up here are fucking pisshheads. Pisshhead is a Britishh term meaning ya get totally dwunk mosht daysh. It’s alsho used in Aushtralia and placesh like that. So anyway, mosht of the gods up here are pisshheads. I taught mosht of them how to party – it’s my job – but a good number of them these days know how to party a lot more than I taught them. Aphrodite has her work cut out all day every day and there’s not much I taught her I can tell ya. When I vishit her she’s busy busy busy. I don’t know how she fits everyone in.

Interviewer: Do you still operate in teaching people how to party today or was it something you did only in ancient times?

Silenus: I’m busy in the modern world. I did a good job on Hunt…

(The interview seems to have been suddenly and mysteriously terminated).