2726. Be careful who you date

I invited this woman on a date. Her name was Chantelle; except it wasn’t as I discovered later.

When I first met her – at a used car auction of all places – she had a wonderful glow about her. He face shone. “Radiant” would be the word. I was head over heels in an instant. We got talking and that’s when I invited her out on a date. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. She said “Yes”.

The meal was going perfectly – I thought – when I noticed she didn’t have a knife, She was eating politely just with a fork. So I called over the waiter and asked if they would be kind enough to give the lady a knife. One quickly arrived.

When it came time for dessert, again she had no cutlery. The waiter was called and promptly supplied a fork and a spoon. It was then I noticed something. She was eating the cutlery. The more cutlery she ate the more her face glowed. In the end I couldn’t help but ask.

“What’s the story here?” I said.

“I thought you knew,” she replied. “Why else would I have been at a used car auction?”

We never dated again, but I subsequently learned her real name was something sounding extra-terrestrial and she was happily married to a Structural Steel Engineer.


20 thoughts on “2726. Be careful who you date

  1. Ordinary Person

    Very surreal Bruce. Honestly this is unlike anything I’ve read on your blog. Weird fiction. But I like it. Some of us don’t eat pork; others eat cutlery and car parts. The universe is a strange place.


  2. observationblogger

    ‘Used car auction’ lol I met a woman who looked like Christina Perri at my son’s football training and I was smitten. I hope she is not reading this. Haha.
    I sent her songs by Perri and lets just say my Perri fantasy ended just after that moment. lol

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