2703. Hounded by a goblin

I was being chased down our long driveway by a goblin. It had a big nose and pointy ears. When it ran, its knees pumped up past the height of its ears. It was really fast. It caught me.

I was taken to its truck. I was put in a box on the back of the truck. It was very dark. However, I was prepared. The minute, the very second, it opened the box I would pull the trigger of my gun and shoot the goblin dead. I waited. I had to be quick.

Soon the lid of the box lifted. I pointed the gun and pulled the trigger. And that’s why there’s a bullet hole in the ceiling of my bedroom.

15 thoughts on “2703. Hounded by a goblin

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Well – Uma, you are my most faithful follower – and I’m just a screwed up obsessive story writer who gets up at three in the morning and by breakfast I can’t see, think, or know how to fill in the rest of the day! So one story a day – and usually one piece of music – which I now post on a music site.

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