2696. Archie goes progressively blind

Hi. My name is Archie. You might think I’m a silly old man. I’ve been a reporter all my life. I can type quite fast using two fingers, but I never learned to touch type.

It would’ve come in handy these days as the eye specialist said I have developing glaucoma and will eventually go totally blind.

Stoll, I shall continue to werk as long as O can. Not being abel to srr cleaoj hasn’t stopped me form reporting on the nows.

As I sait ri rgw wsurie: U’kk jwwo fiubg\f die qa kibf qa U xqn.

Gqcw q buxw sqt!

21 thoughts on “2696. Archie goes progressively blind

      1. dumbestblogger

        Just this morning some one told me that they had been watching the news, and they didn’t know how a large wildfire got started. Which was funny, because it isn’t exactly a secret that it started when the Department of Natrual Resources was doing a controlled burn. (I am also aware that you are pulling from personal expereince here, but you would also make a better reporter than most!)

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  1. hardytardy

    I had to force myself to learn to touch type using a demo software. I worked as a medical transcriptionist. I kinda needed it to do the job lol it was hard to transition from two fingers to using them all. I still haven’t mastered it, but I think I’ve managed!

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