2688. Worry

 Noreen lived hundreds of miles away from her daughter who was expecting a baby. The time was about now. Noreen would have liked to have been there but parents too often stick their noses in when not wanted. She had to let this young couple do things their way and on their own.

At the first hint of trouble she’d be in the car and off. Just in case, the car had been fully fuelled, and water and oil and tyres checked. She need only turn the car key and be off.

Noreen waited all morning next to the phone. Her phone was still landline. Why hadn’t she updated herself? She waited all afternoon next to the phone. She waited for a good deal of the evening, and then…

The phone went. It’s a boy! All are well! Noreen said, “I shall be there first thing tomorrow.”


12 thoughts on “2688. Worry

  1. Sarah Angleton

    I was induced with my second son because of elevated blood pressure, and so there was just enough warning for my parents to get there. My mom had just arrived and was in the room when the delivery finally got going. She quietly sat down in a chair on the far end of the delivery suite and didn’t make a peep for fear she’d be told to leave. No way was that woman going to be moved. Strangely, of all her grandchildren, this is the one that resembles her most in just about every way, and they missed sharing a birthday by only a few hours.

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