2683. I feel like a new person

(From now on I shall usually be doing my own drawing of the accompanying picture!)

When Fleur said that she felt like a new person she actually meant it. She had got up early that morning, had breakfast, and caught the bus to work. It was the same routine most work days.

During lunch break, work colleague Gertrude said that she was going to an introductory yoga class. Would Fleur like to come along? Of course she would.

The yoga class was an eye-opener for Fleur. As she said afterwards; “I feel like a new person.” And indeed she was.

That evening after work she got into a strange car, drove to what she thought was her home and husband and five kids, and had a very pleasant time. Tomorrow she has another yoga lesson. She hopes the adventure of feeling like a new person will continue every day.


18 thoughts on “2683. I feel like a new person

  1. umashankar

    Yoga can take one through startling twists and turns. The conclusions are usually pleasant.
    I do like your art so much. You have quite captured the pleasures experienced by the protagonist on her face.

    Liked by 2 people


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