2677. Pre-planned honeymoon

The honeymoon had been over a year in the planning. Gayle and Kelvin wanted a traditional wedding followed by a traditional honeymoon. Accommodation and most meals would be prepaid. Even little sightseeing tours during some of the days were pre-booked. That was the way their honeymoon was to be, and that is exactly what they wanted. If you had met them personally you’d see that such miniscule arrangements booked in advance suited them to a T.

The wedding was simple and lovely. The few invited friends and relatives celebrated afterwards with a few drinks and a barbeque, after which Gayle and Kelvin departed for their perfect, perfect honeymoon.

Upon arrival at their motel things began to happen. The motel room was dirty and a dump. The electric plug didn’t work so Kelvin took the kettle out into the corridor and boiled the water there while sitting on the floor. When returning to the motel room with the kettle of boiling water the bottom of the kettle fell out. They were able to laugh about it, but Gayle said she wasn’t particularly happy eating from such grotty looking crockery. “Let’s get in the car and find another place.”

And they did that. In fact they spent two weeks going from non-pre-booked motel to non-pre-booked motel. They went on non-pre-booked day trips. They dined in spontaneously chosen restaurants. They had a wonderful time.

Kelvin summed it up. “We couldn’t have planned it better,” he said.


26 thoughts on “2677. Pre-planned honeymoon

      1. obbverse

        Yes, they spill all over the road, the whole flocking lot of them. And always behind them, whistling shrilly and randomly away, is the slow tread of the, drover, in gumboots and a black singlet, puffing away at a durrie, watching you patiently parked to the side, and in NOOoooo hurry at all. Right rural hospitality…

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        1. Bruce Goodman Post author

          Yes – I identify with those genuine people and I know a few. Hence the saying: The salt of the earth. I guess – when I die – the best thing – oh so few – that I’ve ever done: this kid vomited all over me when I was 14 and I spent the next hour helping him to clean up the mess! I never knew him from a bar of soap, but quite a few years later out of the blue I got an invitation to his wedding.

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