2657. Leaving for college

There was so much to do before Eileen and Bill Blyth would leave in the car to take daughter Hazel to college. It was the little things that were the biggest nuisance. There was no spare tube of toothpaste, so Hazel had to take the household’s tube. A piece of luggage had snagged as it was being put in the car and had to be snipped and tidied. Should we or shouldn’t we put the laptop in a suitcase wrapped with protective clothing?

And Mother Eileen was in a panic. She had had years to prepare, but everything seemed last minute stuff. The hem of Hazel’s top had frayed. There’s no time to sew it; just cut it with the scissors.

Has anyone seen the scissors? They searched. They looked everywhere. Father Bill was getting annoyed. Hurry up. We’re already half an hour late in leaving. These things don’t matter. Scissors or no scissors, we’re going.

They tumbled in the car, Hazel in the back seat. Ouch! She sat on the scissors.


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