2655. Slavery through the ages

(Note: Continuing the politically incorrect week…)

There was great excitement among those of the town’s History Society. Sir Stephen Cavendish, the famous historian and Oxford don was coming to speak. He had asked for a topic to speak on that might interest them, and given the topicality of the subject and the fact that there were a considerable number of African Americans in the Society, they asked the Professor to speak on “The History of Slavery through the Ages”.

The Professor began: “Good evening. The first thing to note is that throughout the history of humanity the majority of slaves have been White.”

A riot ensued. The Chairwomen declared the meeting over.

18 thoughts on “2655. Slavery through the ages

      1. noelleg44

        I believe it. I managed to track my father’s line all the way back to England in 1542. No records before that. So somewhere along the line I would bet is a slave or at least an indentured servant.

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        1. Bruce Goodman Post author

          Some of my maternal ancestors owned cotton mills in Lancashire, England. They chained the children to the looms and were overseen by men with whips if they fell asleep on their 16 hour day. We don’t call the children slaves because it was England1

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