2637. Leonardo’s plastic

Dulcie was an enthusiastic “save-the-planet” personage. She had possibly done more than the average Joe Blogs to protect the health of the environment. For example, she was vehemently anti-plastic; and good on her.

Fate has a way of arranging coincidences, and probably for a reason, as this story shall relate. Dulcie had just finished reading that Leonardo da Vinci had written over 13,000 pages of notes in his notebooks of which only about a third had survived.

Anyway, she decided to clean out her attic and came across a great wardrobe of notebooks. She recognized immediately what they were; they were the missing two thirds of Leonardo da Vinci’s 13,000 pages of notes. She recognized them because they were written in Old Italian backwards in Leonardo’s trademark “mirror writing”.

One of the things that had shocked Dulcie earlier when she read about Leonardo was that in 2003 Alessandro Vezzosi, the Director of Italy’s Museo Ideale, had come across in Leonardo’s jottings some recipes for mysterious mixtures. Vezzosi experimented with one of them. Lo and behold! It was the recipe for Bakelight. Leonardo da Vinci had invented plastic hundreds of years before it was officially “invented”.

Yuk! How disgusting. Dulcie was to do her bit for the planet. Over the next few days she took every one of Leonardo’s hitherto missing notebooks and burnt them in the incinerator.


15 thoughts on “2637. Leonardo’s plastic

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      There are many preserving our planet thank goodness. We are just having a storm here which is meant to be the worst for 100 years… the result of climate change they say? I believe in climate change, but let’s not be illogical! Not in 100 years.

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  1. Ordinary Person

    It’s all da Vinci’s fault anyway. What on earth was he thinking? Didn’t he care about the planet at all? I’m sure he watched cockfighting, decorated his house with leather, and did other abominable things. Good for Dulce! Yay Dulce! Dulce! Dulce! (That sounds like a football chant lol)

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Quite right! (One of the things about da Vinci that we don’t read about is that he was friends of a great many scientists and he was an avid collector of information. People would send him ideas and he would jot them down in his notebooks. These days people seem to want to think that he thought up everything himself!)

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