2626A. A memorable event – Part 1

Story Number 2626 is an interesting enough number to deviate from fiction into truth – as is customary on this blog! Today’s story is about what could be one of the more memorable things that has happened to me!

I was a teacher and house master at a large boarding school for boys – mainly sons of farmers from isolated areas, but the school had some local day students as well. The dormitory area of my responsibility catered for about 120 sixteen year old young men.

It was in fact a dark and stormy night. I was fast asleep and at about 2 in the morning my door opened, the light was switched on, and a boy appeared in his pyjamas covered in mud from top to bottom. He wasn’t from my dormitory, but was a day student who lived with his parents about a mile away. He said, “I’m sorry to disturb you, but my parents have just been shot.”

 (To be continued…)


25 thoughts on “2626A. A memorable event – Part 1

  1. obbverse

    A mere Day Boy? ‘Come back during school hours Boy!’
    (On another note, I read the obit of an old teacher, one I’d refused to learn from back in the day. Now I have a lot more respect for the profession than I did as a very irritating student. It’s a little late now, but ‘sorry Keith.’)

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      1. obbverse

        Absolutely perfectly cruel, as kids will do. We had a teacher, whose name given name eludes me just now, but when he was wound up like a top and started to spin around and berate us sure he lived up to his nickname ‘Spitfire.’

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