2621.  Old friends

Coral and Ginger were well into their 80s. They had been friends for years; in fact they had started kindergarten together way back. They both had had happy marriages, brought up families, and been widowed. These days Ginger lived at her daughter’s home. Coral was fiercely independent and lived alone.

Coral hated the fact that she was getting old and couldn’t do things that used to be as easy as pie. For example she could no longer lift a heavy pot off the stove, or even pick up her beloved cat. She still managed household chores but at a slower pace, as long as there was no heavy lifting. And then the sad news came. Ginger was chronically ill. She had cancer. “If there’s anything I can do just call,” said Coral to Ginger’s daughter.

And indeed there was something Coral could do. “Would she mind ever so much to stay the night and fix Ginger her dinner and breakfast?” Ginger’s daughter had to go away overnight urgently and Coral would be the perfect caregiver.

“It would be a privilege,” said Coral. Off the daughter went! She had barely left when…

Ginger fell out of bed.


21 thoughts on “2621.  Old friends

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      This story was modelled on a dear friend who fell out of bed miles away (in fact on another island altogether) and she was chatting to me on the phone and she couldn’t move. I was stuck as to what to do!


      1. Sarah Angleton

        Oh no! My parents are at that difficult stage in life. Fortunately, they have a pretty solid network of helpful neighbors and local friends, but it is very scary how things like that can happen so quickly. I have a brother and sister who are closer, but it takes me two hours to get to them when something happens.

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