2619.  Swim between the flags

It was summer and Mr. and Mrs. Barriball bundled their three children up and loaded them into the car. They were off to the beach for the day!

The Surf Lifesaving Club had put up flags on the beach. People were to swim between the flags if they wanted to be rescued if they got into trouble.

Mr Barriball thought that was silly. “There’s a lot more space to enjoy oneself in the water without a crowd of fat people splashing around.”

At the end of the day Mr and Mrs Barriball bundled their three children up and loaded them into the car. They were off home! “See,” said Mr. Barriball,” I told you that swimming between the flags was a silly idea.” He gesticulated grandly as he spoke.

“Slow down a bit on the corners, dear,” said Mrs. Balliball.

“The speed indications they give on corners are always far too slow,” said Mr. Balliball. “You can almost always double the speed indicated.”

Mr. and Mrs. Balliball and their three children arrived home in no time.


18 thoughts on “2619.  Swim between the flags

  1. observationblogger

    This story reminds me a lot of our experience on the Carribean Coast. They had red and orange flags and people saying you can’t swim here or there. Literally they wouldn’t permit people to swim there. We walked with the kids 3 hours to find a place we could swim and of course it had flags. It reminded me of the vaccine push. You can’t go anywhere without your vaccine passport. If you wanted to go anywhere (in the case vaccine mandates) or find a beach (in the case of flags) you had to walk through mud and other shit for hours. We paid COP 150,000 pesos just to enter the park to then be told you can’t swim here, here, here here – 3 hours later you can swim here but there are flags. Thankfully that was our first day and later we took the road less travelled and that made all the difference.

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