2612. What’s for dinner?

Luke couldn’t decide what to have for dinner. He grabbed a magazine for ideas. These magazines nearly always had a healthy recipe section. There were handy dietary tips scattered throughout the pages.

Chickpeas are very healthy.
Cranberries are very healthy.
Figs are very healthy.
Flax seeds are very healthy.
Chili peppers are very healthy.
Ginger is very healthy.
Grapefruit are very healthy.
Green tea is very healthy.
Kidney beans are very healthy.
Oranges are very healthy.
Kale is very healthy.
Garlic is very healthy.
Lentils are very healthy.
Almonds are very healthy.
Pomegranates are very healthy.
Blueberries are very healthy.
Beets are very healthy.
Salmon is very healthy.
Turmeric is very healthy.
Apples are very healthy.
Avocados are very healthy.

In the end Luke decided to have pork chops, deep-fried French fries, and lashings of salt and ketchup.

Footnote: Hi Everyone. These days I’m not too good at reading your blogs. I apologize. I have eye cataracts and can’t see a great deal without effort! I’m on the waiting list to get them “done” but when that will be (under New Zealand’s medical waiting list) I have no idea. I have trouble finding the cursor on the computer screen even though I’ve made it large and bright red! My postings may get a bit haphazard as well. So this is simply to let you know why I’m going to be a bit erratic (I said “erratic”) and I’m not looking for sympathy (unlike Prince Harry). I’m tired of thinking every tree stump is a cow! So in the meantime – yjsml upi gpt upit ytience.


24 thoughts on “2612. What’s for dinner?

  1. Ordinary Person

    He would have had the greasy sausages too if given a chance. Good thing I ate them up first. I hope you can get that cataract operation done and feel better Bruce. You don’t have to apologise for not reading our blogs. Take care of your health.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. noelleg44

    Clearly, he had too many choices and had to revert to the tried and true. I was truly afraid of what he might have made with those choices. Having had cataracts (which unlike in NZ, I had taken care of in a short time), I can understand and sympathize with your difficulties. Too bad you can’t come here! The Duke Eye Center is phenomenal.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. arlingwoman

    Eat some pork chops and tuck into the fries. I am sorry about the cataracts and hope you can get them taken care of soon. I have a tiny one and notice it causes some issues, so I can only imagine trying to get by with the big ones!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. observationblogger

    Been away on holidays a while Bruce, so I havent kept on posts. I’m sad to read about your eye problem.
    You haven’t lost your sense of humour, that’s for sure like the Prince Harry ref. I’m now going to catch up on your posts.

    Liked by 1 person


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