2595. Glad tidings

Ella wasn’t keen to tell her parents she was expecting a baby. She was twenty-one and didn’t live at home, but her parents were very traditional and would be upset at her promiscuity.

Things were starting to show and Christmas was coming. She always spent Christmas with her parents. She began by telling her parents (on the phone) that Janus her boyfriend was coming for Christmas too. Of course, Ella’s mother was delighted! “I do hope he’s a nice boy, Ella.”

Tell her parents she must. Twice she dialled the phone and cut off things before anyone could answer. The next thing her mother phoned. “You’ve tried phoning twice and both times you’re not there. I hope you are alright.”

Ella broke down. “I’m pregnant. I’m expecting a baby.”

There was silence. Then the unexpected happened. “That’s wonderful, dear.” Mother and daughter chatted for a good half hour.

Christmas came. Ella’s father proposed a toast. “At first I was a bit grumpy, but now with Ella expecting this is probably as most like Christmas we’ll ever get! Happy Christmas one and all!”


14 thoughts on “2595. Glad tidings

  1. Badfinger (Max)

    This is one time… and it’s rare…that I totally agree with the happy ending!
    My sister went through what Ella did… my mom was furious… my dad said…why cry over spilt milk. Of course when she had my nephew everyone was happy.

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      1. Badfinger (Max)

        Yea but I always thought it was reversed…usually it’s the mom who is more understanding…but my mom was a bit rougher on her…I could get by with murder…like one of your stories lol.

        Liked by 3 people


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