2593. A shocking tale

There was a knock on the door. It was the KGB; or the FBI; or the MI5; or the CCCPC; or the whatever. It didn’t really matter who, they were all the same, and doing the rounds.

Winnie had foolishly turned on her Christmas tree lights. Didn’t she know there was a power shortage? People were trying to charge their electric cars. The local steel mill was trying to run on a windmill. It was almost as bad as Mrs. Higginbotham of 95 Snodgrass Avenue who had selfishly plugged in her electric heater. Fortunately she had died of the cold.

Winnie explained that her small string of Christmas lights were solar. It was dismissed as a lie. Who could light up solar Christmas tree lights in this weather? Winnie was handcuffed and taken away. When solitary confinement didn’t budge her into submission she was taken out and electrocuted.

24 thoughts on “2593. A shocking tale

      1. noelleg44

        Then you’ll be happy to know that despite the fact the HOA only allows us to put up one wreath, I have one on the front door and one at the back, and one on either side of the garage hanging from the lights!

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        1. Sarah Angleton

          My aunt used to live in a neighborhood with an HOA that demanded everyone decorate with only white twinkle lights. She and the rest of the neighbors on her block put out pink flamingoes outlined in flashing, multicolored lights instead. It was a glorious thing to see.


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