2588. Daily hamburger

Melanie was fat. She was overweight. She was gross. Her diet could be ascertained to be unhealthy. The highlight of each day was to drive to the takeaway and get a hamburger with French fries. Today, for some reason, the drive-through was closed but things were getting ordered and sold inside the takeaway. Melanie parked the car, got out, crossed the road, and waddled into the building to order.

Little did she realize that this would be the last hamburger she would ever order. It wasn’t to be the last hamburger she would ever eat because she was hit by a truck while crossing the road to return to her car and that was that.


11 thoughts on “2588. Daily hamburger

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      The truck was a write-off. The driver was killed but the 13 illegal immigrants packed into the back were safe and given expensive hotel accommodation. As one immigrant said, “Thank goodness for those bags of fentanyl stacked with us that acted as a cushion saving many lives.”

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