2583. Licking the cake mixing bowl

Lydia was expecting family for Thanksgiving tomorrow. Naturally she was in the kitchen all day preparing. She had made various pies and cakes and desserts, and this all between looking after her three children and Cousin Victoria’s two.

As each dish was made Lydia would say to the three boys, “Now whose turn is it to lick the mixing bowl?” The mixture of uncooked sugar and flour and what-ever else was a delicious treat. The boys were very fair as to whose turn it was.

Naturally Lydia never offered to the two girls the bowl to be licked. It would have been unladylike.


14 thoughts on “2583. Licking the cake mixing bowl

  1. Badfinger (Max)

    I told a lady I know recently that I loved licking the bowl as a kid…and now. She gasped… you can’t do that…you will get salmonella! Well that won’t stop me.

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