2557.  Good morning!

Stella was lying in a bed. She was paralysed from the waist down. She had one little joy to keep her going.

Just out her window, if she was turned on her side, she could see a small garden of gladioli. She could watch each flower open as it “climbed the stem” day by day. Oh so many colours! Each day’s new flowers was Nature’s way of saying “Good morning!”

One rainy day someone came along and picked all the flowers and walked off.

13 thoughts on “2557.  Good morning!

  1. Badfinger (Max)

    Damn you Bruce…I was drinking water as I was reading…which I know better…I just spit out the water all over the place.
    That was a great one!

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Bulldozers are no way to pick flowers – but I will say that 2 of my brothers are bulldozer drivers and one brother once bulldozed about 2 acres of daffodil bulbs, dumped them in a truck and spread them over two acres of orchard around his house!

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  2. da-AL

    funny/sad/funny! one day I was sitting on my living room couch & someone I’d never seen before walked onto my little front yard & started picking quite a lot of fruit from my kumquat tree! now I have ‘smile, you’re on camera’ signs even though I don’t have cameras hahaha

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