2535. Toxic flowers

Austin’s next-door neighbour had twenty-four cats. No kidding. They swarmed all over the place, including on Austin’s property. Austin detested them. He didn’t mind a cat now and again, but twenty-four of them were a horror.

Besides being everywhere, they seemed to favour Austin’s lettuce patch in the garden to do a certain business. There was only one thing for it: he planted lilies all around his garden. They’re poisonous to cats. Problem solved.

Austin’s next-door neighbour had one cat. At least for a while.


27 thoughts on “2535. Toxic flowers

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      I had to google Dame Prudence Margaret Leith! The drowning of kittens in a weighted bag in the river was not an uncommon practice before regular cat operations came into being – horrible but true. At least it was the case when I was young.

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