2515.  Julian takes a bath

What a rigmarole it was to get Julian to take a bath. This was in the days long before the shower was common. Baths were filled with water by hand. Way back then, humans would bathe infrequently.

“Julian my dear,” said Scarlett, “you haven’t had a bath in two weeks and you’re starting to smell. I shall prepare the bath.”

Scarlett filled the bath with water; not too hot, not too cold. Julian liked the bath warm, but would not get in if the water was the wrong temperature.

“You’re such a fusspot,” said Scarlett. “In you get!”

Julian got in. “You’re a good dog,” said Scarlett.


9 thoughts on “2515.  Julian takes a bath

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      I’m still tired but doing ok. The cat meows and hits my face to get me up at three in the morning and I’m a bit of a wreck! This morning I thought, I’m going to write a fugue (at 3 a.m.) – my admiration for Bach went up considerably.

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