2514.  An outing

What an exciting day it was going to be! Penelope had arranged with her two friends, Chloe and Bella, to go to the Garden Show in the morning, have lunch at the Café de la Pixie, followed by a game of miniature golf. A day out for the girls!

Bella was the undisputed champion of mini-golf, and Penelope and Chloe were determined to take her down a notch or two. They had practised secretly for weeks.

Luncheon at the Café de la Pixie was Cloe’s idea. The menu catered for fantasy: Poisonous Toadstools, Fairy Rings, Magic Elixir, Witches’ Brew, and so on. It was designed for adults with a sense of innocence, and Chloe had heard the food was extraordinary. Of course they had booked weeks ahead, and the date of their outing was in fact dictated by the booking.

Most of all, Penelope looked forward to the Garden Show. She was particularly interested to see the display of garden bridges. Who knows? One such bridge might be perfect for the little trickling creek in her back yard.

The three met at Penelope’s and were to move on from there taking just the one vehicle. They were ready to go. “Let the adventure begin!” exclaimed Bella.

That is when the phone call came.


21 thoughts on “2514.  An outing

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Thank you. I must admit I rather enjoy it when a story of mine gets plagiarized and students hand it to the teacher as their own! I once came across a poem I wrote in my teens published with another name in another school’s year book!

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Not everything in my life is Science Fiction. I dislike immensely the “Fiction” aspect. Of course, as you know, the fiction bit is actually fiction, but so many aliens despise my planet that they try to run me into the mud at every opportunity.



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