2502. Personal trainer

I enjoy my job as a personal trainer. Sometimes however I get the feeling that this particular client I’m with now – Monica is her name – has hired me for two one hour sessions a week because she’s heading for fifty and I’m young, handsome, and muscular.

Push! Push! You can do it Monica!

Push-ups would be the bane of most body trainers. Personally I try to do 500 push-ups a day. Most of them I do while accompanying clients. If I don’t get to exercise myself I get flabby pretty fast and it doesn’t have the same sex appeal so you don’t get employed.

Good on you, Monica! You can do it if you put your mind to it!

Of course this woman – Monica – is completely out of shape. She’s shaped like a pile of you-know-what. She couldn’t walk to the door without getting puffed. Still, she pays well, which is all I care about.

Up and down! Up and down! Come on Monica!

Cor blimey – she’s useless.

Come on Monica! Up and down! OK, that’s good. Now let’s try the other eyelid.

19 thoughts on “2502. Personal trainer

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      The pictures NEVER have anything to do with the story – or very little. One does not want to give way the punchline before the story is read. So pictures and tags have to lead on a wild goose chase – as they can spoil the fun!

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  1. Sarah Angleton

    As I am reading this it is early in the morning on a morning when circumstances have had me out of bed much longer than normal and I am finding it extremely difficult to do my eyelid pushups. I am, however going to count them as a workout. This narrator is my kind of personal trainer.

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