2501. Alligator

Henry was aghast. A fully grown alligator was squeezed into his toilet bowl.

 How on earth did a fully grown alligator come up through the toilet pipes? You’d think that it wouldn’t be able to jam through.

 Henry told his wife. There’s a fully grown alligator curled up in the toilet.

 Oh for goodness sake! declared Savanah his wife. When will you never learn? How come I got married to someone so stupid? Of course it couldn’t fit through the toilet pipe. Use your brains. It would have come in under the door.


25 thoughts on “2501. Alligator

  1. Iseult Murphy

    Im glad you are writing stories about giants. There are under represented, especially with stories written from their point of view. Unfortunately, even in this day and age, giants tend to be written about with prejudice and slurs like they’re viscous carnivores. Thank you for writing an accurate and fair representation of the lives of modern giants.

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  2. Nitin Lalit

    I thought this post was about a mad couple, but I’m now convinced (after reading Iseult’s comment) that it’s about giants. Many thanks for the representation Bruce. There are very few of us in this world.

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      It was a huge alligator and I fought it off bare handed. Which reminds me – this morning there were five HUGE snorting bulls coming in my gate. I took my umbrella and drove them off and shut the gate!

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