2500. Hither and yon

Although I enjoy cooking, and relish even more the eating, I have never been much good at it. I think I’m too impatient. Why measure out half a teaspoon of salt when you can just grab a pinch between thumb and forefinger?

There are also some recipes that one doesn’t need to look up, as the frequency of their creating has impinged the formula clearly on the brain. Such in my case is the recipe for muffins. And here lies the rub…

I think I will bake a cake, but first I’d better make some muffins. Oh dear! There’s now no time to bake a cake and the oven is being used for muffins.

I think I will make Dijon Kidneys with rice for dinner, but first I shall bake some muffins. Oh dear! There’s now no time to make something different for dinner, I will simply reheat something from the freezer.

I think I will make a delicious dessert. The photograph on the food page of the morning paper looks spectacular. Oh dear! I’m out of blueberries. I used them in the muffins.

Perhaps today I will try to make some rye bread for a change. Oh dear! There isn’t time. I spent the time in making muffins.

And so, dear Reader, having reached Flash Fiction Number 2500 I am going to try and make time to cook some different things. Now and again I might resort to making a muffin or two, but for the time being I want to try some different things.

Here then is the last batch of muffins. Don’t argue over them. Enjoy with my thanks for the company, and no doubt we will bump into each other

hither and yon

here and there

out and about

far and wide

back and forth

this way and that


59 thoughts on “2500. Hither and yon

  1. Yvonne

    Whatever it is you’re going to be doing next, please come back from time to time to report on it for your loyal fans.

    I still can’t believe there’ll be no tangled web waiting in my inbox tomorrow morning.

    With apologies to Douglas Adams: so long, and thanks for all the words and music,

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  2. Nitin Lalit

    I hope you have a wonderful break Bruce and try different things. I’m going to be sad because most of the people I knew well here are all taking long breaks or have disappeared. I’m also going to miss your stories, but everyone needs time off. This was a great way to say farewell (for now). I do hope you’ll stick around, perhaps writing more serious content based on your life experiences once in a while. And yes, do drop in from time to time to say hello. Send an email whenever you feel like it too.

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  3. Badfinger (Max)

    Don’t disappear completely damn it! I think 3000 is a nice round number!
    Muffins… when my wife was pregnant and couldn’t move around much at the end… I could only cook two things at that time… pizza out of a box and muffins…she didn’t complain but it did get old…day after day.

    Do what you need to do Bruce…hope to see you some anyway.

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          1. observationblogger

            I was relaying to Connie your experiences about receiving the penultimate Tonsure in the West. She was fascinated being a Catholic and she enquired if you had written more stories and I told her that seemingly you haven’t. I hope is all well in the shire.

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                  1. observationblogger

                    Same here, I know what you mean. I was working on my menus (because my blog choice is no longer supported by WordPress) for about 3 weeks and now I have just gotten back to writing again and I’m a little ahead, but not much. I wrote two today, so that is something. Sometimes it takes a a few hours like you to work out how I will approach it.

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Thanks Sarah. I’ve already jotted down a couple of little stories but not posted them. Old habits die hard! However I have been seized by an idea that I’m about to begin…


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      1. Badfinger (Max)

        I’m doing well Bruce…I’ve missed talking to everyone on here but I got a lot accomplished. I’ve wrote around 50 posts in my downtime so I won’t have to worry about posts until October.

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          1. Badfinger (Max)

            I’m now 57 posts ahead…I’ve never been that far before. 35 was my top before. Mine are easier than yours though.
            I’m having a good time though

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