2488. A leopard can’t change its spots

There once was a snake stuck in a well. It couldn’t wriggle out.

A boy lowered a bucket on a rope down the well and the snake climbed into the bucket. The boy then hauled the bucket up.

The snake was very grateful and gave the boy a magic ring. The snake then bit the boy with its fangs and killed the boy. The snake was able to get his magic ring back without too much trouble.

19 thoughts on “2488. A leopard can’t change its spots

  1. Nitin Lalit

    So much said using only a few words, Bruce. And the title is apt. But I don’t know though. Sometimes some of the worst people change for the better. Take the example of Manasseh in the Bible. He sacrificed his children, did the most detestable things, but he cried out and God changed him. He honoured God after that. Saul on the road to Damascus is another example. But these are examples from the Bible.

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      1. Nitin Lalit

        Augustine’s story I know. From womaniser to Saint who wrote most of the theology that both Luther and Calvin borrowed from (to a certain degree at least). I’ve read some humorous poems by Dorothy Parker, but don’t know much about her life.

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