2475. Am I a debauched sleazebag?

Only very rarely do I receive a complaint about these stories. Someone has pointed out that there’s very little sex going on in any of the tales. They wondered if I was a prude or merely inadequate. I explained that such a thing was occurring in these romances by insinuation, and not by bold, in-your-face descriptions of you-know-what.

However, to counteract this horrific accusation today’s story is riddled with sex. Sex sex non-stop sex. If you think you might be offended by this fair enough, but don’t read on. You might end up thinking that I’ve got sex on the brain – that I am an out-and-out sex maniac, a dirty old man, a degenerate lecher, a debauched sleazebag, an insatiable nookie machine. Anyway, here is today’s story:

Have you seen what all these summer flies have been doing on the ceiling?

32 thoughts on “2475. Am I a debauched sleazebag?

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      A most apt quote. One of my favourite Katherine Mansfield stories is called “The Fly”. It’s about this fly that falls into the ink well on the desk. The man rescues it and watches it dry itself. Just as the fly in about to fly off the man puts another blob of ink on the fly. He does this several times and the fly dies.

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      1. umashankar

        I haven’t read the story, but now that you mention it I will go ahead and read it. The 1986 movie ‘The Fly’, from which I’ve quoted, is one of the most amazing and stunning science fiction I have come upon. A secretive scientist who invents a teleportation machine uses himself as a subject for teleporting. The test is successful but his computer tells him there were two subjects involved in the process, the other being a housefly (who had accidentally slipped inside the cubicle). When the scientist asks the computer what happened to the other subject, it responds by saying the fly was merged with Brundle (himself) on genetic-molecular level. Gradually, he begins developing fly like traits and bodily features, to the horror of his girlfriend. Eventually, he is transformed into a monstrous man-fly.

        What reminded me of the story today is the sex between the scientist and his girlfriend during which he seems to grow fly-like skins and wings in his back.

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  1. Badfinger (Max)

    sex maniac, a dirty old man, a degenerate lecher, a debauched sleazebag, an insatiable nookie machine…. You make that sound like a bad thing.

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  2. Nitin Lalit

    It’s sad that perversion has gripped you Bruce. Once I read your stories and found such hope in them. And now this salacious stuff. Sheesh! We prudes who read you because you uphold morality are disgusted. The lecher who put you up to this must be jailed. Anyhow here’s hoping that the stories to come aren’t about raunchy things and are about love without an once of concupiscence.

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