2474. Life is not always a bed of roses

Apparently beyond all this overgrown scrub and wasteland lies a house with a veranda. On that veranda sleeps a princess on a bed of roses. According to what I read, one kiss and the princess shall awake and the princess and the kisser shall live happily ever after.

That is why I have always brought my machete with me on every foray into the forest. One day, in hunting for the wild boar of the forest, I may come across impenetrable undergrowth. And here now seems to be such a thing. I have been hacking away at the prolific forestation for a good half hour.

There! I can see the house with a veranda. Another five minutes and I should be able to climb the steps to the bed of roses.

And here it is; the most beautiful princess asleep on a bed of roses! I bend down with puckered lips. I kiss. She wakes! She sits up! WOW! I have never seen anyone so beautiful. I am in love! I am bewitched!

Oh! But now I see the kiss has turned me into a frog. Truth is stranger than fiction. Life is never straightforward.

33 thoughts on “2474. Life is not always a bed of roses

      1. Nitin Lalit

        I ate sea snails the other day. Some coffee shop here actually served them with salsa which is very rare considering most of the meat we get here is either chicken or mutton.


          1. Nitin Lalit

            Why not? I’m thinking of learning another language myself. Perhaps I’ll write in French one day. Jhumpa Lahiri an American Indian author who won the Pulitzer some years ago, studied Italian and wrote a book in the language. It’s never too late to do something new. I might take a vacation from blogging and learn the bass guitar.

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