2465. Let her eat cake

Some cultures eat cake with a fork; some with a spoon; some simply eat cake with their fingers.

Aileen had baked a cake for visitors. It wasn’t a fancy occasion. It wasn’t a particularly fancy cake. The cake was simply something to nibble on with a coffee or tea, or in Jackie Olwynn’s case, with a glass of water. The occasion was something that Aileen did every year, and that was to invite all the women who lived on the street in for a cuppa.

This was the eleventh year that Aileen had held such an occasion, but it was the first year since her husband had upped and left. He’d run off with a woman who lived two doors down the road. Penelope-Prue most certainly was not on the invitation list!

And then the worst happened: Jackie Olwynn arrived with Penelope-Prue in hand.  “She wasn’t going to come,” said Jackie, “and I said, don’t be a silly-billy.”

Penelope-Prue was from overseas. She was not a typical foreigner; she was loud, obnoxious, and did everything that was totally, socially proper in an ostentatious way. AND – she ate her cake with a fork.

The little afternoon tea began. Aileen had already divided the cake and placed the slices on pretty plates of delicate flowers. “And would any like a fork to eat their cake?”

Penelope-Prue did. “An educated lady is one who eats cake with a fork even if she dines alone!” joked Penelope-Prue.

Aileen nearly sniggered. “Aha!” she thought, “it is indeed very proper for that frump to eat her poisoned slice with a fork.”


20 thoughts on “2465. Let her eat cake

  1. Nitin Lalit

    Poor Penelope. I feel bad for the frump. How did Aileen poison the slice though? She certainly hadn’t planned it since Penelope arrived without an invitation. This is where you take us on a behind the scenes tour Bruce. Showing us the notes you discarded, etc

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Aileen of course had intended to poison Penelope-Prue all along, knowing that Jackie would bring her along any way. Jackie had told Brigette earlier and Brigette had mentioned it to Nancy who in turn told a few others, and word got back to Aileen. As Josephine said to Natasha at the afternoon tea, “This looks very much like a murder that was planned.” To which Natasha declared it to be an occasion when you could have your cake and eat it. Satisfied now Nitin?

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  2. emmaswritingthings

    There is an ongoing massive debate between me and my partner about how to eat cake appropriately. He has some strong opinions about cutlery and desserts and I definitely just want to eat cake with very little care for the utensils 😂😂
    Your opening sentence dragged me into this post 😂😂

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Thanks for reading and commenting. As you could see, all murders on this blog are grounded in reality… Re eating cake – if God intended us to eat cake with a fork he wouldn’t have given us hands and fingers.

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