2463. One needs enough to be secure

(Another story today! I shall post music over the weekend if I can get myself organized – which I’m finding harder to do by the day! I’ve got so many irons in the fire that life is a dog’s breakfast.)

We all knew that Great Uncle Menzies was “comfortable” but we never knew how comfortable. He lived a fairly ascetic life. His favourite saying was “One doesn’t need to be rich; all one needs is enough to be secure.”

When he died we were asked if we would contest the will – we were after all his only relatives and he had left everything to the Mount Ararat Ark of the Flood Church. Not that it would come to much, and Great Uncle Menzies was a lovely man so why ruin his generosity after he’s dead?

Yesterday the Mount Ararat Ark of the Flood Church announced they were building a multi-storey skyscraper in downtown New York. Goodness, they must’ve run into some money.


14 thoughts on “2463. One needs enough to be secure

  1. Nitin Lalit

    The narrator doesn’t sound like he hates himself for not contesting the will like many others in your stories. Maybe he’s into megachurches and the prosperity gospel. Some people run into debt hoping that the ‘seed they plant will yield fruit.’

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