Music 462-465: Four Landscapes for Oboe and Piano

As the world nears the denouement of this blog planned to occur at the appearance of the 2500th story in a month or so there are a few things that have got a bit muddled over time. To tidy things up and lend an air of completeness to this blog there are a few things I will post over the next few days. The area that has suffered through lack of posting is the music sphere in particular.

So if I may, I shall post the music compositions of 2022AD that I failed to post. That way I can say in the end “It is done!”

One of the things that stops me from posting music is that I feel it is a nuisance to the readers who come here expecting a story. So if you are here for stories please come back in six or seven days once I have rid myself of these musical encumbrances. Also if you are a regular commentator please don’t feel any obligation to comment.

By now you must be beginning to decipher that I have a substantial inferiority complex! Perhaps the music posted today – called “Four Landscapes for Oboe and Piano” – might point to my propensity for solitariness. Perhaps the real me is hidden in these four pieces!

Here then are “Four Landscapes for Oboe and Piano”:

             Landscape 1 – audio HERE; sheet music HERE
             Landscape 2 – audio HERE; sheet music HERE
             Landscape 3 – audio HERE; sheet music HERE
             Landscape 4 – audio HERE; sheet music HERE




10 thoughts on “Music 462-465: Four Landscapes for Oboe and Piano

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  2. umashankar

    Even if you hadn’t said so, I found glimpses of your soul in those pieces. I especially loved ‘Landscape 1’. – perhaps wisps of my soul spoke back to me through that piece.

    “I could wait until this feeing
    Becomes a haunted memory.
    Only I am at that moment,
    Already wavering.”

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      I suspect Uma we are often on the same page! Now, yesterday my copy of Cynthia’s “Song of Paper” arrived – which I hadn’t seen as yet: $3 for the book and $27 for the NZ tax and postage! So it took some saving before getting it! However, I’m delighted to have it.


  3. Badfinger (Max)

    I think I likie the 2nd best because I like the piano riff…if that is what you call it…followed by the 1st one…but all of them sound good. Very moody…all of them.

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      1. Badfinger (Max)

        You know what popped into my mind? The Fool On The Hill…but you are not a fool so it wouldn’t fit…Bruce on the Hill…thats better.

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