2456.  Monologue on the phone

Oh Mildred, It is such a delight that Yvonne survived her operation. I believe it was touch and go for a while. Having diabetes and needing both legs amputated was a frightening prospect. And to think she survived the operation and is making wonderful progress in her wheel chair. When is she going to get her prosthetic legs do you know?

You don’t know? You what? It wasn’t Yvonne? But I thought…

Yvonne passed away? She never had her operation? I am so sorry to hear that. So whose legs did they cut off?

I didn’t know she had an identical twin sister.


18 thoughts on “2456.  Monologue on the phone

  1. colinmcqueen

    What the hell is going on with that picture? When they removed her legs (which, oddly, are quite clearly still there, did they sew two giant hands to her neck? At least she doesn’t have an identical twin any more…

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      I did rather enjoy fiddling with the picture (to make it more realistic). The twins were conjoined Siamese (I forgot to mention that) and when one died with gangrene in the legs the other ones legs played up and… oh, need I go on?

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