2443.  Cold comfort

Ever since her teenage son had come home from school, raided the fridge, and had a fry-up, Stacey had labelled everything in the refrigerator. She wasn’t going to be stuck at home for a weekend again with no cat food. Ryan had cooked it and declared later that it was quite delicious. Stacey had threatened to throw him a bone intended for the dog if he ever did it again. That explains why everything in her fridge was named and dated.

Stacey had been a solo Mum all these years. Husband Robert had gone for a bike ride, hit a car, and never came home.

Ryan in his teenage years enjoyed relabelling everything in the refrigerator. Butter was cat food; cheese was dog food; leftover couscous was canary food. Even tapioca pudding was frog’s eggs, and a raisin dessert was fly-cemetery.

Then Stacey met Nick. He didn’t have a sense of humour. It is amazing how one person can change everything.

27 thoughts on “2443.  Cold comfort

            1. Bruce Goodman Post author

              Ah well… sometimes I think that Providence has been extremely kind to me – and then I think it would’ve been much easier to simply have had me won the lotto. So how are you Matthew you old bastard?

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      I’m in a quandary over the question because we seem to have neither of the ones I tasted in America over here. In fact I’ve only ever had tomato sauce (which seems to be different from ketchup) and the mustard on a hotdog bears no resemblance to the mustard I’m used to. Having said that, give me plum sauce over everything.

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