2431. A hearty speech

Tara used to joke about her age quite a bit. She was nearing eighty and the retirement home was planning a delightful afternoon tea to celebrate the occasion. Tara knew she would be presented with a bunch of expensive flowers and a card signed by most people in the retirement home. She had better plan her speech of thanks.

Of course it would be self-deprecating. She would say how overjoyed she was with their generosity and even crack a little joke about growing old.

The day arrived. The afternoon tea began. Tara was presented with a card and a bunch of lovely flowers. She stood to speak.

Dear friends – Thank you so much for these gorgeous flowers and your hearty good wishes. It seems that it hasn’t taken long for me to get to eighty. I still think of myself as a sprightly forty! I can’t believe how quickly life passes by. As I joked to Yvette just this morning: Goodness! I’ve only got another thirty years left! And so we are having… aaaaahhh…

Footnote: Unlike the sudden death in the story above (!) For those who don’t know it this is a link to a video of a delightful grace before meals:

Funny Prayer about Getting Old – Home Instead – YouTube


34 thoughts on “2431. A hearty speech

        1. Yvonne

          Mostly pluck! We get random really long sprouts that are noticed only after we’ve been to a social evetn.

          This is turning into a beauty advicce column, it seems. “Bruce’s House of Beauty and Hair Removal.”

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                    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

                      My final beauty tip to Matthew and Yvonne – shower regularly. I like to shower regularly, usually around about Christmas so I’m good for the following year.


                    2. observationblogger

                      My God, did I laugh so hard at this. I noticed my attention towards personal hygiene has gone down a notch as the years pass. Ever since I wrote the article ‘Youth is the One Thing Worth Having’ to be exact. Lord Henry did his number on me as well

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