2425.  Successful day’s fishing

When Barton took his family out on his boat for a day’s fishing, he reluctantly consented to include Llewellyn in the party. Llewellyn was a friend of his wife and Barton had long suspected his wife and Llewellyn were having an affair.

Barton was not one to be consumed by jealousy or rage. Perhaps, he thought, such suspicions were in his mind. Just ignore such thoughts and get on with life.

They were several miles out to sea and fishing lines were cast. What a perfect day for fishing! Blue sea! Blue sky! Oleander (that was Barton’s wife’s name) caught a fish. Oh the excitement! Oh the fuss! Llewellyn was all over her – so to speak. He couldn’t shut up about how clever she was. How perfect she was. How lovely she was. How intelligent she was. How confoundedly talented. How… Oh for goodness sake.

The day was hot. Barton asked if anyone want to go for a dip in the sea. Oh yes! Llewellyn was the first to dive in. Barton shoved the boat into top gear and headed for home.


14 thoughts on “2425.  Successful day’s fishing

  1. umashankar

    The murder was begging to happen right from the sentence one, so the process rather than the incident was of supreme importance. In the end, it was accomplishing with overwhelming ease.

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Yes – it’s funny how one must be careful not to give things away. It’s why I don’t like “tags” e.g. murder, poisonous blueberry pie, etc. With such tags one need not bother to tell the story! The same goes for headings.

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