2404. Dozing off

Jacqui screamed with laughter. She had never seen husband Selwyn in such a tangled posture! He often dozed in his armchair. Usually he would doze sitting upright, but occasionally he would fall asleep in what must surely be an uncomfortable position. Once he had fallen asleep with his legs crossed and hanging over the back corner of the chair. How he got into that position was anyone’s guess.

This time he had gone all out! One foot was stuck through below the armrest and the other leg was on top of the armrest. One arm was on top of his head, and his mouth was ajar like one of the clowns at the fair where you drop a ping-pong ball to try for a prize. Jacqui went to get the camera. It was worth a photo and he wouldn’t believe it if she told him. A photo was indeed proof of the knot he had tied himself into.

Jacqui was still giggling when she took the half dozen or so photos. She left the room as soon as she had done that because she didn’t want her laughter to wake him. Anyway, she had to go into the kitchen and start preparing dinner.

When Selwyn didn’t answer when she called him for dinner, she went to wake him. He had been dead all along.


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