2403. Behind the mask

Caspian had bad teeth. He’d always had bad teeth even though he brushed regularly. And now the front bottom teeth had worked their way into a squeezed-up bunch in the middle. The specialist recommended their removal. They were taken out.

Caspian was never so glad as when the epidemic came along. The Prime Minister issued a mandate: Everyone had to wear a mask when in the company of others. Caspian was so pleased that he had the opportunity to hide his lack of teeth.

Caspian was able to thank the Prime Minister personally.

“That’s alright, dear,” said Caspian’s Grandma. “Helping relatives is why we do things. You can return the favour if you ever get to be the Prime Minister like me.”


20 thoughts on “2403. Behind the mask

  1. Sarah Angleton

    Oh, now it makes sense. I do have a friend who said early on that she loved wearing a mask because it hid her double chin. She said she was never taking it off again. She has changed her mind by now as it turns out.

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      1. Sarah Angleton

        A few stores in our county required them for a while, though they are all optional now. It used to make me scratch my head in the checkout lines when we had to space out six feet back from the person in front of us, but there was absolutely no consideration to the next line over, which was about two feet away. I always thought it was lucky that Covid couldn’t move sideways.

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